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2020 - Present

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HSRS is providing Systems Engineering and System Safety Support to a Hyperloop developer's global engineering team as part of their preliminary design activities for this breakthrough in transportation technology.


Our support currently includes the review of existing railway standards, legislation, and technical specifications to determine appropriate safety requirements for the Hyperloop system; the running of Hazard Identification (HAZID) workshops; and the associated Hazard Log/Record management. 

Delivery Challenges

  • There is no established regulatory environment for the Hyperloop technology.
  • New safety critical technology development with multiple teams located globally; including a combination of global business entities and individual contributors.
  • System safety work conducted had not been collated into a single hazard log.

Benefits Delivered

  • As part of the project's system safety activities in the Concept phase, as part of demonstrating compliance to EN50126, we have conducted a number of investigations into the general safety implications of the system and safety requirements from similar systems. This has included the review of the UK's RSSB Safety Risk Model, Technical Requirements from European Technical Specifications for Interoperability and other international standards such as IEC62267.
  • We have amalgamated different safety outputs into a single coherent Hazard Log and commenced the ongoing Hazard Log management activities. The restructured Hazard Log is compliant to the CSM-RA Regulations and has been aligned with hazardous events and precursors from the RSSB Safety Risk Model.
  • The HSRS team organised and chaired Hazard Identification (HAZID) workshops including a dedicated session focused on Emergency Evacuation concepts; structured with formal and traceable briefing notes and reports that can be acceptable to Independent Safety Assessment scrutiny. 
  • We have helped eliminate identified hazardous events through safety measures workshops and developing appropriate safety requirements from railway domain standards and technical specifications.
  • We are leading the development of the Safety Review process as part of the wider Quality Gate Review process that is to be conducted at each phase of the programme’s development.

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